Finally available in Canada !!!

Sprouted barley is used around the world for animal feed for its many benefits:
exceptional nutritional value,
digestible at 90% against 60% for regular silage,
combined with silage, germinated barley reduces your feeding costs by half while greatly improving the health of your animals. In most cases, our production units pay for themselves in the first year!
Calculate your savings and join the ranks of visionary breeders who have chosen germinated barley as a living food for their animals !!
Be part of the wave 100% clean without any chemical fertilizer or other, you too, your animals will thank you.

FodderHydroSystem is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Hydroponic units Worldwide

For our farmers, we are currently establishing a network of exclusive franchise distributors by region to install our Fodder Hydrosystem technology range.

Franchisees receive extensive support in:

  • Commercialization (marketing) and customer approach
  • Sales and choosing the right system according to the buyers’ needs
  • System setup and adjustment
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring
  • Solving technical problems and optimizing performance

Franchisees receive extensive support in:

  • Free phone and video technical support
  • Parts at wholesale prices
  • Seeds at wholesale prices
  • Custom feed
  • Ongoing training

Privileged Fodder Hydrosystem franchisees

Prior to the acquisition of the regional franchise Fodder Hydrosystem. ensures that its franchisees are well informed of the financial perspectives and obligations of the franchisees as to the company's good business practices. These will be trained marketing and marketing and logistics management of Fodder Hydrosystem.

Fodder Hydrosystem wants to ensure that, regardless of the distributor and the region, all farmers in Canada will be served with the same professionalism and rigor

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